Re-Judgment of Paris

Is an industry event that was held alongside Prowein 2018 in Dusseldorf, DE.

Julee worked with Chabrol Wines to create an event where top sommeliers from around the EU are competed in a blind tasting, and rapid fire theory test. The winner-Terry Kandylis of 67 Pall Mall won an Educational trip to Napa Valley and Washington State in 2018. Competition was by invitation only. 


Jan-Willem van der Hek Flex Wine

Julie Dupouy The Greenhouse

Terry Kandylis 67 Pall Mall

Lendl Mijnhijmer Restaurant Bougainville

Cas Kratz

Contestants tasted 25 wines, it was not my initial intention to taste that many, but as Chabrol wines owner Rex Neve toured Bourgogne, vigneron after vigneron wanted to be in. In fact, it was hard to find a winery that wasn't interested. The goal was not to have a wine win, but to showcase the wines against and show that wines from America, should be thought of in comparison to high end cuvees from France and Spain. Overwhelmingly the wines showed great splendor an variations of terroir and winemaker.

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