Once upon a time...

Van Belle Selections is the brainchild of Julee Resendez:

Julee grew up in the wine industry, her grandparents were viticulturists in Washington State and as a child, she would work the vineyards with her grandmother.

Later upon moving to NYC,  she worked with some of the finest chefs and staff in NYC, Daniel Boulud, Andrew Carmellini, Jean-Luc Le Du, Jimmy Hayes, Fred Price, David Bouley, Marcus Samuelsson.

Mentored by many of these fine talents, she expanded her knowledge, studying with WSET attaining Advanced Certification, and then onto Diploma. She went on to run her own wine programs, then shifted into distribution and sales.

Many of the educators, winemakers, and sommeliers featured on this site are people Julee has met along the route of her career. She considers wine to have been the precept for opening the wonders of the world to her.

It’s allowed her to travel and introduced her to the cultures and people she has grown to love. 

Note from Jules

I sat down with a friend last week for a bottle of wine, a beautiful bottle from Languedoc. 

The friend said, “This wine is so good, but I would never pick it, it’s a typical Julee wine.”

Whereupon I asked

“What does that mean?”

“It means you’re more adventurous than I am, you’re willing to investigate something new, and show it to all of us.”

In a conversation, I knew he had summed up my life goal as a “Sommelier”.

What are we if we don’t explore and expand our knowledge and palate? So the wines selected, wherever possible are boutique, and small production.

Wines where the family still owns and manages the properties. There is a person behind the wines, so I don’t like to judge them in comparison to others, rather, they should stand on their own, and express why we love them.

We should know their heart, soul, and taste them inside the glass.

That’s my hope.